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Tournament Types

Month Long Single Species

This is for the Marina’s and Bait Stores, that want to run a month long tournament for a single species.

Examples would be Cobia, Dolphin, or Trout. The tournament can be measured in weight or length. It can be catch and release or not. You can have up to 5 places!

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Year Long Fishing Club Tournament with Point Aggregation

This is a year long tournament where the anglers in your club accumulate points. As a great example, please visit Central Florida Offshore Anglers.

Our system auto calculates the points for that tournament and gives everybody an up to date leaderboard.

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Product Marketing Tournament

Launch a marketing tournament for one of your products. Have anglers take pictures of fish with your product and you pick the best picture. It’s very simple and it accumulates marketing materials (fish pictures), research on your product, gets the community involved.

Take it a step further and actually incorporate a number of species tournament or overall length tournament in the process.

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Custom Tournament

The world is your oyster. We can build your current format or idea and automate everything for you, saving you time. We can also alter any of the tournaments above to whatever you need. Just contact us and we will.

We know this is usually the scary the expensive Custom option but you will probably be surprised at our costs for a custom tournament.

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