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Weighmastery takes the work out of managing your month, multi-month, and year long fishing tournaments


Say your tournament targets specific species each month or you run a year long format for most fish caught, the Weighmastery app is fully customizable to your tournament needs. Spend less time managing your tournament and more time promoting it!

Bait Stores

Do you run month long tournaments for a given species migrating through your area? Promote your tournament to previous participants and keep customers coming back to your store tournament after tournament.


Have an internal year-round tournament for your customers? The leaderboard with photo gallery of fish caught displayed on your site will keep those competitive souls repeat bookings.

Fishing Clubs

Whether it be an internal club tournament or one open to the public, online promotion will get more members signed up so you can continue promoting what you love – Fishing!

Video of President, Scott Sampson, at ICAST 2018

How it Works?

Step 1

A tournament angler enters a weighslip through your online form and includes a picture of the fish on a measuring tape or scale, and a separate picture of them holding the fish.


Step 2

Once submitted, an email goes to you to approve/edit the weighslip.


Step 3

Once approved the leaderboard gets updated automatically.


Step 4

The weighslip, leaderboard, and photo gallery go on your website! It is an amazing marketing tool!


Try it out today by starting one of our free tournaments. It will give you a feel for how it works.

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What are the benefits of taking your tournament online?

Help your sponsors by putting their logo all over the tournament pages.  This lets them know you are looking out for them.

You can sell promos on your site or advertise specials at your store or marina.

It’s a great marketing tool to get anglers to your website, online store, or even brick and morter.

Your results are posted for all to see instead of stuck in a notebook under your desk or on your computer.  Get more participation!

Its a great way to tie facebook posts back to your site and have other share?  It Creates content to share!


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Setup Time Instant 1 – 3 weeks 4 – 6 weeks
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Tournament Types

Month Long Single Species

This is for the Marina’s and Bait Stores, that want to run a month long tournament for a single species.

Examples would be Cobia, Dolphin, or Trout. The tournament can be measured in weight or length. It can be catch and release or not. You can have up to 5 places!

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Year Long Fishing Club Tournament with Point Aggregation

This is a year long tournament where the anglers in your club accumulate points. As a great example, please visit Central Florida Offshore Anglers.

Our system auto calculates the points for that tournament and gives everybody an up to date leaderboard.

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Product Marketing Tournament

Launch a marketing tournament for one of your products. Have anglers take pictures of fish with your product and you pick the best picture. It’s very simple and it accumulates marketing materials (fish pictures), research on your product, gets the community involved.

Take it a step further and actually incorporate a number of species tournament or overall length tournament in the process.

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Custom Tournament

The world is your oyster. We can build your current format or idea and automate everything for you, saving you time. We can also alter any of the tournaments above to whatever you need. Just contact us and we will.

We know this is usually the scary the expensive Custom option but you will probably be surprised at our costs for a custom tournament.

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